Brandon Rhyder had a vision for his “Live at Billy Bob’s Texas” album and new songs were definitely a top priority. “I just didn’t want to play all previously released songs. I wanted the fans to have something different and something with some new perspective mixed in with the songs that helped get us to where we are now,” Brandon said. In this 2 disc set you will hear more outside-written songs. Songs like “You Can’t Outdrink the Truth” by Walt Wilkins and Liz Rose and “Nowhere USA” by Keith Gattis. “Shine” by good friend and guitarist in the band, Matt Powell. “In The Country” by Jon Randall and the final track called “Lucky Man” by Paul Thorn. Brandon adds, “There are so many great writers and performers out there that I admire and I have wanted to record these tracks for some time. I also relate to these songs, so I can sing them with ease and conviction, no pun intended. It’s nice to get to sing such great tunes.”

Of course, Brandon made sure to give the fans what they wanted too. Songs like “Freeze Frame Time,” “Backroads,” and “Let the Good Times Roll” are all staples for any given Brandon Rhyder show. “As an artist there are songs that define your career and those songs need to be played at shows and most definitely placed on a “Live at Billy Bob’s Texas” record. We are so blessed to live this crazy dream and our fans are the reason we get to do so. I say it each night; without them, I’m a nine to fiver,” Brandon tells me with a smile. It’s easy to see and hear when you listen to this collection of tunes that Brandon really gave all he had on this recording…just like he does each and every night his feet touch the stage!