Bri Bagwell was born in Las Cruces, New Mexico to a musical family that has always supported her dreams of making it as a singer/songwriter. Throughout her teen years, she played with her two brothers in bands “On Tap” and “Let it Ride”, performing in many southwest venues and even on the Las Vegas strip.

After hitting Austin, TX to attend the University of Texas, she picked up guitar (after playing piano/keyboard for years), and has stepped into the music scene. She has opened for many of her influences, including Sean McConnell, Ryan Beaver, Ben Danaher, Josh Grider, and more. After graduating from UT in December of 2009, she is ready to devote her life to her music and writing. She brings her catchy, original tunes and plenty of smiles and laughter to her shows. She is now a part of the Ferrata Music Group roster, and with a demo in the making, she’s ready to take on the scene in her high-heeled boots.