The Country genre today is one destined for the Dewey decimal system stretching on aisle after
aisle with artists ranging from Hank Williams to Jewel. Establishing a pleasantly unique sound
amid this influential mass is not an easy task for any artist, yet its one Cody Johnson Band has
accomplished in a respectable way. Fusing country and rock is no new concept, but rarely is it
done to the quality by which Cody will soon be known. Cody and the band blend County and
Rock; creating something new while still respecting the roots of both genres and styles. There are
times their sound seems fit for Nashville radio and others it is unmistakably Texas Country/Red
Dirt. The 23 year old artist’s freshly energetic blend uniquely bridges generation gaps between
fans. At his concerts you will see teenagers and parents alike singing his songs side by side.
The energy and excitement Cody displays during a concert brings to mind legendary performers
such as Garth Brooks, Chris Ledoux, and even Jim Morrison. He specializes in getting the crowd
involved and drawing them into the show and fans seem to all pile up at the front of the stage
begging to get closer. With Cody at the center, Matt on one side picking lead and singing
harmony and Nathan on the other side playing what seems like an infinite number of sounds on
an African Djembe; catching an acoustic show with this group rivals an MTV unplugged session.
They still play their own music but also divulge into covers ranging from Hank Williams to
Seether, even applying that signature sound to the covers they play.