Paul Ehmer started Dimitri’s Rail in 2001 and has been the front man of the band since that
time. Through his guidance the band was nominated for band of the year in 2004 and Paul
was nominated for vocalist of the year by the Texas Music Academy. Recently Dimitri’s Rail
has charted in the top 10 on the new music network for Clear Channel for over 7 months and
counting. Paul has key insights to the working of the music industry. With his diligence,
Dimitri’s Rail has mainstream, Internet and indie stations in rotation worldwide and that
number continues to grow. Paul has landed Dimitri’s Rail a record deal with Desert Highway
Records based in L.A. Signed a producer agreement with Daryl Youngblood for TV and Film
placement and signed a major distribution deal with Universal Music Group / Fontana. The
group has recently released the EP “Wake Up” with Universal Fontana Distribution.