Jamie’s mastery of the songwriting craft caught the attention of Curb Records, who offered him a
position as a staff writer. For almost five years, Jamie played the part of the prolific staff
songwriter for the mega publishing company, securing cuts with major label artists and several
motion pictures. During his tenure, he was offered several record deals. All of the opportunities
started out with the same promise, but always ended with the fear that Jamie was “too country.”
Never one to compromise his beliefs, he dismissed their ideas of turning him into another cookie
cutter country act.
He found his home in the camaraderie of other Texas/Oklahoma artists, collaborating or
performing with artist like Kevin Fowler, Walt Wilkins, and Cooder Graw. Jamie and Kevin Fowler
co-wrote and recorded “Get Loose, Get Loud and Get Crazy”.
It’s easy to say that Jamie Richards is one of the best singer/songwriters to hit the Texas music
scene. His latest album “Sideways” is a testament to just that. It’s a stripped down, raw
storybook of the evolution of a man raised on a small farm to gracing the footlights of some of
Texas’ most respected
music venues. Jamie has come a long way from kicking up dust out on back country roads; now
he’s playing to fans kicking up sawdust in some of Texas’ most prestigious honkytonks and
Performing with legends like Charlie Daniels, writing songs for Hal Ketchum, Kevin Fowler, Ken
Mellons, and many other great Texas performers. Despite working with some big names, Jamie
has forged his own path in the music industry. He has relied on his own songwriting skills to
establish himself as one of the top Texas acts. Sometimes, he is perceived as a loner, or a rebel,
a man who does things his even greater success with his next album “Drive.”
With three top five singles, the album “Drive own way; he still is humble in that fact that his
success didn’t come easy. His first two albums, “No Regrets” (2001) and “Between These Lines”
(2004) are where Jamie began to hone his skills as a Texas song writer. These albums featured
songs like “Last Call,” Don’t Try to Find Me,” and “One Tequila” which struck a chord with
listeners and formed the roots of a strong and devoted fan following. All of these singles hit the
top ten or better on Texas music charts. But Jamie, not being satisfied with being in that
company, was determined to make it, and found” (2007) truly put Jamie on the map. “ Any Way
You Want Me To, “Whiskey Night,” and “Drive,” which reached #1, caused Jamie‘s notoriety to
sky rocket with music critics and fans alike. Despite having a total of four albums that produced
fourteen singles which almost all reached top ten on the music charts, Jamie hasn’t had the
luxury of relying on corporate dollars to spur his popularity. His star is rising from the support of
his long time fans, using grassroots efforts to fill venues. Like a Texas wildfire, word of mouth
has spread Jamie’s music capturing the hearts of young and old alike. Every show is getting
bigger and better, and Jamie has his fans to thank for that. Now, with “Sideways,” (2010) Jamie
has continued his journey as a singer/songwriter, evolving in a new direction. The album, while
still true to his roots, communicates Jamie and the band’s passion for delivering amazing music,
carefully crafted songs, and an overall great album. “I Can Party When I Need To,” has
become a honky tonk anthem. While “Easier by Now”, is a haunting tribute to a lost love. Both of
these two top ten singles are fan favorites at his shows. Success hasn’t changed the boy from the
farm; it’s just driven him to go further on his own terms. And it seems for the moment, Jamie is
happy to “Enjoy the Ride.”