Attend just one show from Country music artist Jason Cassidy and he’ll take you on the “ride of
your life” and remind you where you came from all in one night!
Jason’s debut single “Sounds Like an Angel to Me” tells a story of that life-changing relationship,
something more than just the excitement of dating. “Angel” reminds us of how meaningful it is
when you discover someone that brings out the best in you and essentially you rediscover
Even upon meeting Jason Cassidy, you’ll instantly feel like your kicking back with an old friend.
With insight that often takes a lifetime to develop, Jason’s values shine through in his music and
the listener easily finds a little piece of themselves in every song.
Jason has been performing full time for more than four years and to a large following of loyal
fans. As he prepares for his debut album release, Jason reflects on how grateful he is for his
dedicated fans and their “patience” in waiting for this highly anticipated new material. “My
Redemption”, the title track, truly tells the story of Jason’s journey to where he is today.
Once surrendering to the great demands of a performing artist, Jason flew through his days and
nights barely noticing those around him. Today, Jason has truly found the balance between his
demanding career and his family, friends and community. It has greatly affected his appreciation
of what really matters in life and the audience can hear that in his songs. And, with his new
outlook, Jason is enjoying every aspect of his career, “When you sing songs from your heart it’s
so glorifying, you can’t get enough!”
Jason was born and raised just North of Houston and continues to live in the area today. Growing
up rebuilding cars with his dad at their family hot rod shop, Jason is quite the enthusiast and
looks forward to the day he can take some time to restore an old classic again.
When he is not touring throughout Texas, Jason loves the outdoors especially hunting and
fishing, most of all just kicking back and cherishing the time with his family and friends!