It is a well known fact that the only constant in life, is change. As with all changes, some are for better, some are for worse. The transition from Texas High Life to Rosehill has been nothing short of a change for the better.

Mitch McBain and Blake Myers were the founding members of Texas High Life, an Alt-Country band from Cypress, Texas. Originating in May of 2003, THL would begin to play all over Texas for the next 5 years. The change began to unfold in 2008 when Myers and McBain moved back to Cypress after college. “When finished with school, we both ended up right back where we started, in Cypress” said McBain. The two began Bi-weekly writing sessions for the next THL record, but as they wrote, they realized that the new material had a different feel to it. The songs still had the THL flare, but the songs were more personal, more open. “The songs just began to flow out of us. We weren’t just writing songs to write songs anymore, we were telling our stories, our lives” said Myers. It was around that time that Myers and McBain decided to start over. New songs, new name, new outlook. They decided on the name Rosehill because they both grew up on Cypress Rosehill Rd. and have returned to Cypress. Myers and McBain live less than a mile away from that road. “We came up with a hundred different names, but kept coming back to Rosehill. It just feels like home to us” said McBain. So in July of 2009, Texas High Life became Rosehill.

Next up for the duo from Cypress is a full length studio album which is tentatively set to release in spring 2010. The record is being produced by Radney Foster out of Nashville. “We sent him a demo acoustic recording of a couple of songs Mitch and I had recorded at his house. A couple of weeks later, he called and said he would like to produce us. We were thrilled! Radney is a true inspiration to us and we can’t wait to record this record” said Myers. The guys will cut the record in both Nashville and Houston at the end of 2009 and beginning of 2010.

Everything changes. Names, places, lives, but one thing will remain the same for Rosehill, they will be making music and writing songs for years to .