After serving 4 years in the US Marine Corps and one tour of duty in Iraq, Scott Brown and Best
friend Brandon Robelia returned home to Texas…guitars in hand. Scott and Brandon met in the
Marine Corps in 1999. Scott had never picked up a guitar, and Brandon only knew a few chords.
Eager to learn, Scott would make his way down to Brandon’s barracks room and steal his guitar
until he finally bought his own. Mostly playing for fellow Marines and friends, the two spent most
of their time picking and waiting for the day they could go back to Texas for good and pursue the
music that they loved. The first paying gig came from a little smoky sports bar in Spring Texas by
the name of Big Daddy’s. When the bar owner asked for the band name, with out Scott knowing,
Brandon told them to put “Scooter Brown” on the marquee. He knew Scott didn’t care for the
nickname, and he got a good laugh out of it. The gig went well and the two had a great response
from the crowd. Soon others began calling asking for “Scooter Brown.” Needless to say, the
name stuck. After playing acoustic gigs for a while, Bass player, Mark Hernandez joined the band
and brought a great musical background with him. Mark spent most of his music career in a very
successful Tejano band in South Texas. After a few years away from the music, Mark was ready
to dive back in head first with “Scooter Brown,” bringing a great ear and big ideas with him!
Shortly after, drummer Matt Bledsoe joined the band. Matt was a former US Army Soldier who
had played with numerous rock and punk bands across Northern Texas and Oklahoma. Matt fit in
perfect with the band and has become the “heartbeat” of the Scooter Brown Band. Soon the time
came when original lead guitar player Brandon Robelia decided to leave The SBB and focus on
his career as a Houston Fire Fighter. Chris Loring quickly stepped in and filled his shoes. Chris
also brought a lot of great musical background to the band. Known as an outstanding guitar
player, Chris has played with many great bands, and truly loves what he does. With Scott’s wife
Vicki in charge of managing and booking, the band has taken off and is followed by many. Known
for their original music and entertaining live performances, the Scooter Brown Band has earned a
respected name for themselves in the “Texas Music” scene. With the unique, one of a kind sound
of this young band, there is no limit to what they will accomplish in the years to come.